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Welcome to my life:

  • Creating apps and Xposed modules

    • FakeGApps
    • XperiaFMwoHS
    • University-specific apps
    • ...
  • Bringing great apps to F-Droid

    • OctoDroid
    • TUI-ConsoleLauncher
    • Night Light
    • ...
  • Maintaining F-Droid-eligible forks, in case app developers are not interested or friendly

    • Telegram-FOSS
    • Unobtainium (Chromium and System WebView)
    • FastHub-Libre
    • ...
  • Studying for a MSc in Finance degree in Italy

  • Cycling

Being eternally grateful for your donations, I will probably purchase a fancy snack or drink otherwise I wouldn't have bought!

(please don't donate in case you expect something in return, e.g. a feature, as I can't guarantee I will be ready to devote time to this)

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