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plantuml-generator 5 Updated 1 week ago

A command line utility to generate stuff with and for PlantUML.

plantuml-libs 97 Updated 1 month ago

A set of PlantUML libraries and a NPM cli tool to design diagrams which focus on several technologies/approaches: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), C4 Model or even EventStorming and more.

ceb 11 Updated 2 months ago

<ceb/> is a library providing building blocks to develop Custom Elements (v1). Additionally, other building blocks are also provided to cover the implementation of web applications based on the Event/Message Architecture.

homecloud-ansible 29 Updated 5 months ago

homecloud provides a ready-to-use set of resources to bootstrap a cloud at home mainly based on Kubernetes and Syncthing.

ff-cpdn 5 Updated 8 months ago

Clear private data related to the current tab.

homecloud-kustomize 2 Updated 9 months ago

Set of Kustomize resources dedicated for Homecloud


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