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OSNews is part news website, part blog, covering operating systems specifically and technology in general. OSNews not only covers the major platforms, but also operating systems no one else pays attention to, as well as the software and hardware related to them. OSNews explores the future of computing, without losing sight of the past and present. We also report on other technology news, on development issues and articles, hardware, and if it is a slow news day, we might kick in some sci-fi movie news or other stuff we might find interesting. While we try to focus on all major news about operating systems, ultimately, we report on a range of technologies and anything else we think our readers might find interesting.

On top of that, we have a lively community of smart, opinionated, and passionate readers who know what they're talking about, who are not afraid to make themselves heard and engage in heartfelt debate about the topics we cover. Our community is just as much part of OSNews as our actual articles are.

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