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I am working on the Beast DAW and other Free Software projects

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I have worked on Free Software projects since 1996 and now I am concentrating my efforts on modernizing the Beast DAW - a digital audio workstation for Linux with a focus on modular synthesis.

Beast DAW

Initially, the Beast audio core was based on 16-Bit samples, 90's style music tracker arrangements and the user interface implemented with Gtk+. Audio processing has since given way to a synthesis engine that moved to floating point calculations, MIDI event processing and parallel multi-core synthesis. The user interface is now being re-implemented with CSS and JavaScript to match look and feel of other modern DAWs. The synthesis functionality is the next thing to be extended to support stereo device chains and layering.

Other Projects

Back in the day, I created Alsamixer and for many years worked on large parts of GLib, the Gtk+ toolkit and GNOME desktop projects, contributed to top(1), LibreOffice or Mediawiki. Several other smaller or discontinued projects can be found via my homepage and blog.

When I have spare hosting resources, e.g. through a consulting arrangement, my old company or when the Beast servers are idle, I am using those for running Tor relays.


Donations are used to cover infrastructure like hosting the Beast website, and to support my Free Software work. To keep myself afloat, I am taking on the occasional consulting work, preferably on Open Source projects - sadly, most business people understand "Open Source" to varying degrees, but lack knowledge of the Free Software concept. In some ideal future, I will be able to spend most/all of my programming time on Free Software projects like Beast.

Updates about my work can be found on Timj’s Blog and my mastodon account (twitter and facebook are permanently hibernated).

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