Contributor to computer aided music with free software related things.

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I'm interested and contributing to free software, and particularly to audio and/or MIDI software.

I'm system administrator for, developer of the LibraZiK project, contributor to Debian, and contributor to a lot of libre/free software mainly in the field of Computer Aided Music.

My contributions are mainly floating around:

  • writing documentations and tutorials in French,
  • creation, development, and maintenance of a ready-to-go linux audio free distribution,
  • software packaging for Debian,
  • the possibility of having a French graphical user interface,
  • documentation translation into French. administrator


Starting in 2009, I am system administrator of this francophone website which is a set of tools (wiki, forum, blog, IRC channel, ...) dedicated to CAM with free software. That takes me an average of 1 to 2 hours a day. I'm touching to everything, everywhere it's needed on this website :

  • general maintenance of the website,
  • update/upgrade,
  • development (mainly translation) of the "Tiki" CMS (powering the website) ,
  • wiki management and organisation,
  • forums moderation,
  • users management,
  • setting up some tools in order to ease the website daily use,
  • ...

More information on my user page on the website :

Development of the LibraZiK project


I'm the LibraZiK developer et it takes me around 6 or 7 hours a day since the end of January 2015 for this work.

Working on this project, I'm communicating with pretty much every every development team of each software and I'm contributing with creation or improvement propositions of the translation for the graphical user interface (GUI), proper integration on the desktop environment, as well as some useful feature requests...etc.

LibraZiK being based on Debian, I'm also contributing to the Debian project when I can.

Debian project contributor

From my projects and my day-to-day use of Debian, I'm contributing to the Debian project through the Debian bug tracking system particularly. I'm also co-maintainer of a Debian package and hope and plan to be able to help maintaining more packages in the coming times.

See for example:

I'm also occasionally contributing to Debian-Facile which is a French language mutual aide community around Debian.

Several free projects contributor

Libres software

In particular, French language translation of many graphical user interfaces and/or some documentation, and also bug reports and code contributions: Audacity, Hydrogen, mhWaveEdit, ReZound, Ardour, Qtractor, LMMS, amSynth, QjackCtl, Qsynth, noise-repellent, FMIT, QjackRcd, Synaptic, Tutka, Piano Booster, 6PM, nm-tray, Ray Session, phpmyadmin, weblate, cagette, hunspell,... and others.

I'm regularly contributing news on the website


French translation of:


I've also translated into French the websites :

See also:

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