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  • i've volunteered time and some code to open-source projects like OBS, mastodon, pixelfed, and plume, whenever possible. i'd like to do more of that, and maybe build a few things of my own for the digital commons and libre culture

  • notably, i reorganized and rewrote the mastodon docs

  • i also contribute design and management time as a team member of pixelfed

  • i am currently doing research and theoretical development for a unified communications project based on open standards like smtp, xmpp, activitypub, rss/atom, irc, and so on. i am active on socialhub.activitypub.rocks and in the fediverse enhancement proposal (FEP) process.

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mastomods Stars 112 Updated 6 months ago

CSS tweaks and custom themes for Mastodon.

namecheap Stars 12 Updated 6 months ago

certbot manual auth hook for DNS-01 with namecheap

hugo-theme-paradox Stars 1 Updated 2 years ago

A Hugo theme for documentation sites

PhotoBucketGrabber Stars 0 Updated 3 years ago

Download all your photos from PhotoBucket using this Python script.

plumeLogos Stars 1 Updated 3 years ago

Logos designed for Plume, a federated blogging platform similar to Medium.

mastodocs (fork) Stars 2 Updated 2 months ago

Full documentation repository for Mastodon

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