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Try to Give Back aim to raise awareness about Environmental Concerns, Sustainability & Equality

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Try to Give Back is an independent not-for-profit Charitable Organization created in December 2020 by Aldo Giaquinto and his wife Vera Kozlovskaia as a result of their Global Expedition that started in 2016 : Alveto Expedition

What began as a leisure trip transformed into a mission to give something back to the World, intended as planet Earth and all the living creatures in it. The more they were travelling and admiring this paradise we are so blessed to call home, the more they were saddened to see what mankind is doing whit it.

This project was born from a strong desire of two single people to make a positive contribution to our society and the environment due to witnessing first-hand with their own eyes the terrifying truth and the reality of our modern world.

We are here not to judge anyone but hoping to inspire, make aware and educate people about environmental concerns, sustainability, animal welfare, poverty and inequality in order to empower them to become part of the solution.

We believe that humans can change and that there is still hope to fully meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Find out more on www.trytogiveback.org

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