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I create free software and scripts in my spare time. Consider donating to me!

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I am Tobias Svenblad, and I create bits of software and scripts in my free time. By day, I navigate the complex world of information security, ensuring digital fortresses are impregnable. By night, I indulge in casual software development, not for glory or fame but for the sheer joy of creation.

I always strive for precision and purpose in the software I create, and these projects are born from curiosity and shared freely.

Why donate? I believe in the dignity of labor and the value of craftsmanship. Your donations are not charity; they are a recognition of the hours of dedication, the pursuit of quality, and the sharing of knowledge that go into each line of code.

If my software has enhanced your digital voyage, consider supporting me. Your contributions fuel the midnight oil that lights my keyboard, enabling the continuous improvement and sharing of these creations.

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az-satisfactory-server 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on setting up a dedicated Satisfactory server in Azure. This guide is structured to provide a step-by-step approach, making it easy for users of all levels to follow and successfully deploy their own server.


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