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ttn-do 0 Updated this week

there is no try

guile-baux 0 Updated this week

This directory contains Guile Scheme scripts and modules intended to be installed in your project's build-aux/, or equivalent dir specified by ‘AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR’ in configure.ac.

Personal Elisp 1 Updated this week

Emacs Lisp collection for personal use

senza-js 0 Updated 1 week ago

This project documents my efforts at surviving (or not) the Modern Web™ w/o Javascript.

xdgdirs 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

Program to display the names and values of the XDG_* env vars related to the XDG Basedir Specification formatted as a Scheme- and Lisp-friendly alist, or optionally as an associative array in the literal data syntax of various languages.

zow 1 Updated 3 weeks ago

Git-oriented service framework for Emacs

wikid 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

wiki daemon

thud 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

cycle-oriented scheme-based register transfer level (RTL) simulation environment

RPX 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

port of Ratpoison to Guile Scheme

ELIP 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

Emacs Learning Instruction Program

EDB 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

Emacs Data Base

Guile-PG 0 Updated 1 month ago

Guile modules for PostgreSQL

Guile-WWW 0 Updated 2 months ago

Guile modules for WWW programming

Mixp 0 Updated 2 months ago

Guile modules for Expat

cmod-play 0 Updated 2 months ago

CMOD-PLAY provides a skeleton for making compiled modules available to Guile Scheme programs, usable across multiple versions of Guile. The included modules do not do anything particularly useful; the point is to demonstrate technique.

ixin 0 Updated 4 months ago

This is a distribution of code to manipulate the IXIN (or "indexed info") file format, and some pre-built IXIN files. Like HTML, IXIN is normally not viewed directly, and is instead "rendered" by another program.

elisp-tutorial 0 Updated 4 months ago

simple Emacs Lisp tutorial


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