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UBports is creating Ubuntu Touch - a beautiful, free and open-source mobile operating system

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Statement Ubuntu Touch is the touch-friendly mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system. Originally designed and developed by Canonical, it now lives on in the UBports community.

Elegance in design Ubuntu Touch offers a completely different approach to using your smartphone or tablet than using say Android or iOS. The intuitive user interface allows you to access all of your phones features by swiping from the edges of the screen to access your apps, tools and settings all with one hand and no on-screen buttons. It looks great and feels smooth.

What is The UBports Project? UBports is an international community of developers and users who wish to keep Ubuntu Touch alive. The project was founded by Marius Gripsgard in 2015 as a place where developers can talk and learn from each other and help bring Ubuntu to more devices as a team. After Canonical announced the end of their support for Ubuntu Touch, the operating system was picked up by the community. The resonance has been fantastic and our community is growing rapidly. It's our goal to keep Ubuntu Touch alive on all existing devices. While keeping all it's good and beautiful parts, we want to reshape Ubuntu Touch to make it the operating system we want to use on a daily basis. Ubuntu is Linux for human beings, and Ubuntu Touch brings this spirit to mobile devices. We want to turn Ubuntu Touch into a true Linux distribution for mobile devices, while keeping its simple and elegant design. Ok, we can't compete with Android. But the good thing is we don't have to! Since we are a non-profit organization funded entirely from donations, we don't have to steal anyone's market share. We do this for the community - as we are the community!


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UBports is creating Ubuntu Touch - a beautiful, free and open-source mobile operating system

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