Help Ústecké šrouby NGO protect the environment of Ústecký region in Czech Republic.

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Ústecké šrouby is the biggest NGO protecting the environment of Ústecký region in Czech republic.

Ústecký region was badly damaged during communism by acid rains, reckless mining and overall massive exploitation of the environment. Some of these problems were solved after the Velvet revolution, but many others remain. We try to solve them by organizing training courses for the people responsible for permitting harmful activites, participating in the permission process, negotiating better solutions with investors and directly participating in environmental activites such as removing waste.

These are some of our 2017 projects: * We sued to revoke building permits for villas at Habrovický pond. The pond is a habitat of many endangered species and was revitalized during 2005-2007 for 34 million CZK (paid mostly by the European Union) to support amphibians. However, the area was sold by local government for less than one twentieth of its market price, the voting protocol was lost to prevent criminal prosecution. The local government then changed the zoning plan to allow construction. Several villas of local government members received building permits without proper enivronmental assessment, which would never allow any construction. With the support of Czech Anticorruption Endowment we sued to revoke the building permits. * All water from D8 highway in the nature conservation area České středohoří is drained into local streams. About 500 tonnes of road salt are carried through the ecosystem each year. This causes the death of all aquatic fauna, renders water wells in surrounding villages unusable and seeps into the ground near the streams. We sued to revoke the permit for water draining. A simple solution would be to collect the water in a water reservoir and transport it to be purified elsewhere.

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