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I'm a dev writing tools, libraries and frameworks for the web and beyond (mainly Deno and Node.js).

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huffman-deno Stars 5 Updated 1 year ago

Super simple implementation of the Huffman algorithm in TyoeScript

awesome-node-esm Stars 87 Updated 1 year ago

A curated list of Node.js Native ESM modules and resources.

go-web-app Stars 160 Updated 1 year ago

📦 CLI for setting up a Go WebAssembly frontend app

hypermdx Stars 19 Updated 1 year ago

⬇ Markdown enhanced with Hyperapp

get-ens Stars 37 Updated 1 year ago

🗝️ Get text records of an ENS address with ease

create-shadowsocks-config Stars 4 Updated 1 year ago

CLI for quick ShadowSocks config generation

balance-crypto Stars 40 Updated 2 years ago

💰 Get wallet balance for 2.5K+ cryptocurrencies with a single function in Node.js and Deno

nexus-cloudinary Stars 7 Updated 3 years ago

☁ Nexus plugin for Cloudinary

hyperapp-fullstack-starter Stars 11 Updated 3 years ago

🚀 Hyperapp fullstack starter with batteries included (SSR, routing, bundling)

og-service Stars 5 Updated 3 years ago

🐹 Golang service for getting OpenGraph data from a URL


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