I host free software, including Mastodon, Globulation2, and Teeworlds-InfectionClass

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I host and maintain several services, mainly:

I host the game servers on a Scaleway Stardust VPS. The rest is self-hosted on a dedicated PC. The biggest resource usage of this server is the Mastodon VM and database VM, which together use 4 of the 8 cores and 8GB of RAM. Media storage is redundant between this server, another Scaleway server, and one at OVH.

I also have a Kimsufi KS-3C and a Borgbase account for backups.

Donations on this page would help me to pay:

  • part of the rent of my storage servers (about 50€/month);
  • part of the rent of the backup+monitoring server (15€/month);
  • part of my Borgbase subscription (80$/year)
  • the rent of my Teeworlds server (3€/month)
  • the domain name todon.fr used for the Mastodon instance (6,59€/year)

I will use the remainder to donate to developpers of software I use


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irctest 37 Updated 1 week ago

Semi-automated conformance checking for IRC implementations (RFC1459/RFC2812, the "modern spec" by ircdocs, and IRCv3)

Limnoria 612 Updated 4 weeks ago

A robust, full-featured, and user/programmer-friendly Python IRC bot, with many existing plugins. Successor of the well-known Supybot.

Supybot-plugins 107 Updated 5 months ago

Collection of plugins for Supybot/Limnoria I wrote or forked.

skyweb2irc 7 Updated 1 year ago

Relay bot between IRC and Skype, using the Skype Web API.


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