I host free software, including Mastodon, Globulation2, and Teeworlds-InfectionClass

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I host and maintain several services, mainly:

I host them on this Online server, configured with RAID 1: The biggest resource usage of this server is the Mastodon VM, which uses 4 of the 8 cores (but 2 are enough for now) and 5GB of RAM. I also have a Scaleway server and an OVH VPS (3€/month each) for InfectionClass servers so that DDoS against them does not affect other services.

I also have a Kimsufi KS-3C as a backup+monitoring server, and a former laptop as a backup server at my home.

Donations on this page would help me to:

  • pay a part of the rent of my main server (24€/month);
  • pay a part of the rent of the backup+monitoring server (15€/month);
  • pay the rent of my Teeworlds servers (6€/month)
  • pay the domain name used for the Mastodon instance (6,59€/year)
  • donate to developpers of software I use


Accounts Elsewhere

val owns the following accounts on other platforms:


Limnoria    366   Updated 5 months ago

A modified version of Supybot (an IRC bot) with Python 3 and IRCv3 support including SASL, translations (fr/fi/it/hu/de), GPG authentication, TLS, and many other enhancements and bug fixes

irctest    4   Updated 6 months ago

IRC (1459/2812/v3.1/v3.2) software conformance testing tool.

Supybot-plugins    84   Updated 6 months ago

Collection of plugins for Supybot/Limnoria I have written or forked.

skyweb2irc    0   Updated 1 year ago

Relay bot between IRC and Skype, using the Skype Web API.



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