I make custom dark themes for websites.

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dark-whatsapp 435 Updated 1 month ago

Complete, dark and light, very customizable theme for WhatsApp.

dark-github 30 Updated 2 years ago

Dark mode implementation for GitHub with many customizable options.

go-usercss-parser 4 Updated 2 years ago

:package: UserCSS parser.

dark-gitlab 82 Updated 3 years ago

Very customizable dark theme for GitLab and self-hosted GitLab instances. Mirror of gitlab.com/vednoc/dark-gitlab

viosevka 2 Updated 3 years ago

Custom slab serif variant of Iosevka.

pkg 5 Updated 3 years ago

A wrapper for various package managers.

userstyles 7 Updated 3 years ago

A list that contains all my userstyles.


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