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~vern is a non-commercial tilde focused on free software and services!

vern receives $3.20 per week from 6 patrons. Goal: $9.10
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All our servers run free GNU/Linux distributions. We host many services that are available for public use. We also host onion services and I2P eepsites for most of these services. In total, we run over 100 services for anyone to use, some of which require registration on our website.

In total, to be totally self-sufficient, we would need around 39.55 USD every month.

5 for Iceberg (VPS), 4.75 USD for Mythos (VPS), 27.3 USD for Typhoon (VPS), and 2.5 USD for the domain (30/yr).

Hence, we need around ((5+4.75+27.3+2.5)USD/month)(~4week/month) =~ $9.10 every week.

Financial Reports on how much we get and how we use the money can be found at vern.cc/costs at the end of every month.

Note: You can also donate to us via XMR (Monero) via address 4ATm8EZaC4iEuwt1VABuxFPi5xq4HgvqgghmKqvgQyvwQf9KK7AyYFXCYCZ3xBiqZ38CctAWihJ3yLeKAeGJfQBgDxQnn91 or OpenAlias vern.cc


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