I am making the world better by writing code at http://github.com/wbotelhos

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I am making the world better by writing articles at http://wbotelhos.com to help people in several programming subjects.

Developing projects at my lab (http://wbotelhos.com/labs) to help people save time and get the best in their jobs.

And developing projects and help other projects at http://github.com/wbotelhos.

Thank you! <3

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rating    2   Updated 1 month ago

:star: A true Bayesian rating system with cache enabled

voting    0   Updated 1 month ago

A Binomial proportion confidence interval voting system with scope and cache enabled.

taby    3   Updated 2 months ago

jQuery Taby - A Textarea Tabulator

raty    2065   Updated 2 months ago

:star2: jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin

breadcrumby    2   Updated 2 months ago

:bread: A solid Breadcrumb for Rails

normalizy    3   Updated 2 months ago

:wrench: Attribute normalizer for ActiveRecord

idy    5   Updated 2 months ago

:eyeglasses: An ID obfuscator for ActiveRecord.

modaly    3   Updated 3 months ago

:eight_pointed_black_star: Modaly - A Tiny Modal

stepy    167   Updated 4 months ago

:feet: jQuery Stepy - A Wizard Plugin

attachy    6   Updated 4 months ago

:paperclip: Attachments handler for Rails via Cloudinary

capybara-box    6   Updated 5 months ago

:package: Capybara Box - A Tool Box for Capybara

eggy    0   Updated 7 months ago

An Easter Egg Plugin

validaty    4   Updated 8 months ago

jQuery Validaty - A Validation Plugin

complety    3   Updated 8 months ago

jQuery Complety - An Auto Complete Plugin

dch_releaser    2   Updated 2 years ago

DCH Releaser - A Debian's Changelog Bumper

nestedy    3   Updated 3 years ago

:arrow_heading_down: jQuery Nestedy - A Nested Fields Creator

notify    1   Updated 4 years ago

jQuery Notify - A Notifier Plugin

gridy    21   Updated 4 years ago

jQuery Gridy - A Grid Plugin

mory    1   Updated 4 years ago

A Read More Plugin

flapy    4   Updated 4 years ago

jQuery Flapy - A Tab Menu



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