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I'm the creator and project leader of the Arbor Chat Project, a tree-based chat ecosystem that respects its users.

I also sometimes contribute to other FLOSS projects. You can see a record of my on-GitHub contribution activity here. Note that almost none of my public GitHub activity is for work; it's almost entirely personal time contributions.

My goal in asking for funds is threefold:

  1. To cover the operating expenses of the Arbor Chat Project's infrastructure (domain names, servers, monitoring, etc...)
  2. To have money to use for contributor appreciation and small marketing (stickers to hand out at events)
  3. To be able to fund part- or full-time work on Arbor and related open source projects, such as:
    • technical writers
    • designers (UX, graphical, etc...)
    • developers
    • security audits
    • legal consultation (when needed)

Note that I'm interested in funding both myself and contributors with other skillsets to work on FLOSS.

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