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Hey everyone! I'm Chris, and I hail from central North Carolina in the USA! I spend most of my free time working on {free,libre,open source} software, and I love doing it. Most of my time goes to Gio and to the Arbor Chat Project, though I also contribute to a number of other projects.

Gio provides the painless, cross-platform foundation that GUI development needs. I co-maintain Gio's examples repository, website, and CI systems. I am also the primary maintainer of Gio-x, the experimental or platform-specific extensions to the core libraries. Additionally, I manage the month community calls, office hours, and newsletters.

Arbor is an attempt to make instant messaging clearer, easier, and fairer by restructuring conversation into a tree. You can read all about it on our website. I created the project in 2018, and have been leading its development ever since.

I recently left my full-time salaried job to become a freelance software contractor. This mode of work gives me the flexibility to work on open source more often, and your support enables me to spend more of my time working directly on open source.

My other work includes:

  • Bug reports and fixes for sourcehut, particularly around source code annotations and artifact hosting
  • kfreestyle2d, the unofficial userspace Linux driver for the Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard

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