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Note: If you see above the goal is met there's no need to donate more unless you want things extra-sustainable.. But you can instead donate to my free/open source software development (tidalcycles, mostly). Otherwise, please read on..

I run the 'slab' server which runs quite a few websites including TOPLAP, Algorave, eulerroom, and tidalcycles as well as my blog and things like eulerroom video streaming.. Nothing profit-making (or aiming to do so). I've been happy to cover this cost over the past few years but I'm about to switch to a hosteurope plan which costs a bit more, €19.99 per month, so I thought this would be a good time to ask for financial contributions towards that. There's also dns registration e.g. toplap, algorave, tidalcycles, eulerroom and lurk are around €80 per year.. So total costs are about €320 per year or €6.15 (about £5.50) per week.

If you have some spare money and the exchange rate to euros is worthwhile, feel free to contribute! This is low commitment. Thanks very much!

Liberapay contributions used to be anonymous, I think that's no longer the case, but in any case next time we meet feel free to bug me for stickers, etc!

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