Creator of PussTheCat.org, YouTube-DL Archivist Scripts, GOG Archivist Scripts...

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Creator of PussTheCat.org, Ultimate YouTube-DL Scripts Collection, GOG Archivist Scripts, various production-ready Docker images and a lot more.

Project manager of the Invidious project.

I am the creator, developer, manager, and administrator of PussTheCat.org (more information Here).

I currently manage Invidious and the Invidious project.

I am also a non-professional System Administrator, Bug Tester, French Translator, Data Archivist.

Some of my work include:


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If you want to get in touch with me, or other users of my projects, feel free to join the Matrix room of the PussTheCat.org project: #pussthecat.org:pussthecat.org.

If you want to contact me privately, see: https://pussthecat.org/about/.

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TheFrenchGhostys-Ultimate-Firefox-Configuration Stars 51 Updated 3 weeks ago

The ultimate Firefox configuration that is acceptable Privacy-Wise while being as much feature-packed as possible.

TheFrenchGhostys-Ultimate-YouTube-DL-Scripts-Collection Stars 2178 Updated 5 months ago

The ultimate collection of scripts for YouTube-DL.

awesome-art Stars 16 Updated 1 year ago

A curated list of as much artistic creations (movies/musics/games/books...) that are worth checking.

TheFrenchGhostys-GOG-Archivist-Scripts Stars 82 Updated 2 years ago

The ultimate collection of scripts to download everything you bought on GOG.com


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