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Maintainer of (mostly) audio-related open-source software

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Free software

I'm a core maintainer of Roc Toolkit, software for real-time audio streaming. This is a big project that provides libraries, tools, bindings, sound server integrations, mobile apps.

I am a big advocate of high quality software and spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that each release runs smoothly on many platforms. The project has a huge roadmap.

Besides Roc, I maintain other audio-related projects:

  • libASPL - a library for creating Audio Server Plugins (virtual devices) for macOS
  • Signal Estimator - tool for measuring signal latency and other characteristics, in real-time
  • WebRTC CLI - command-line WebRTC peer
  • MiniSAPListener - command-line SAP/SDP receiver

Also I created and maintain httpexpect - a widely used Go library for end-to-end HTTP API testing, and a few other Go libraries and tools.

You can find the full list of my software on my homepage.

How donations help

Some time ago I've quit full-time job and switched to freelancing, to spend more time on open-source. Now, a few years later, I made up my mind to start receiving donations.

Freelancing allows me to convert donated money directly to open-source work. Each dollar donated means that I don't need to spend time to earn that dollar and can spend it on FOSS projects instead.

Donation history

I keep track of personal donations here: donation history.

Thank you!

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om-dash Stars 63 Updated 1 month ago

Building blocks for org-based dashboards.

returnstyles Stars 6 Updated 1 month ago

:dark_sunglasses: Golang linter to check function return styles.

libASPL Stars 53 Updated 2 months ago

C++17 library for creating macOS Audio Server plugins.

cobradoc Stars 12 Updated 2 months ago

Alternative documentation generator for Cobra.

httpexpect Stars 2504 Updated 2 months ago

End-to-end HTTP and REST API testing for Go.

signal-estimator Stars 60 Updated 7 months ago

Measure characteristics of a looped back signal.

webrtc-cli Stars 221 Updated 2 years ago

WebRTC command-line peer.


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Open-source toolkit for real-time audio streaming

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