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Open-source toolkit for real-time audio streaming

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About us

Roc Streaming is a collection of software for streaming high quality audio over unreliable networks like Wi-Fi. It provides libraries, tools, bindings, sound server integrations, mobile apps. The project has a huge roadmap.


This project is developed by volunteers in their free time. Donations will help to spend more time on the project and keep it growing.

Received donations will be primarily used to sponsor developers time. They will be accumulated until we collect a meaningful amount suitable for funding development for a few weeks or more.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to sponsor development of a particular feature.

Thank you!


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roc-java 18 Updated this week

JNI bindings for Roc Toolkit.

roc-toolkit 903 Updated this week

Real-time audio streaming over the network.

roc-go 19 Updated this week

Golang bindings for Roc Toolkit.

roc-droid 42 Updated this week

Roc for Android!

roc-pulse 6 Updated 3 months ago

Roc Toolkit modules for PulseAudio.

openfec 9 Updated 7 months ago

Unofficial OpenFEC fork with various bugfixes.


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