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I develop and maintain a number of popular Emacs packages. My goal is to improve the accessibility and UI experience while preserving the character of Emacs, such that experienced users and newcomers can profit alike.

I try to achieve my goal via minimalist and modular packages, which fit well together and can be composed freely. I prefer to enhance rather than replace, to expose existing information and features in accessible ways and to rely on builtin mechanisms where possible. The focus is on your freedom to compose your Emacs as you like it. My packages avoid rigid couplings and stay out of the way, such that they integrate cleanly into your configuration. The unique defining aspect of Emacs is that you can make it yours and transform it into your personal information and editing platform, or even your desktop.

Minibuffer completion packages:

In-buffer completion packages:

  • Cape: Completion at point extensions
  • Corfu: Manual and automatic in-buffer code completion

Text editing packages:

  • Goggles: Briefly pulse modified regions
  • Jinx: High performance spell-checker
  • Tempel: Minimal template or snippet expansion package

Miscellaneous packages:

  • Affe: Asynchronous Fuzzy Finder for Emacs
  • Org-modern: Modern styling for your Org mode buffers
  • OSM: OpenStreetMap viewer for Emacs
  • Recursion-indicator: Mode line indicator for recursive editing

I am (co-)maintainer of a few packages, which I use and which I consider important for the community:

Please consider supporting me via GitHub sponsors or Liberapay if my packages make your daily Emacs live better. I aim to continuously develop my packages, maintain them in the long term and be responsive on the issue trackers. Thank you!

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